Riverview Chiropractic provides Chiropractic, Remedial Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Naturopathy services to Gawler and the surrounding suburbs.


We currently have both male and female Chiropractors available for bookings.

Your first visit is booked for a one hour appointment. This time is necessary to take a full medical history and to discuss the condition(s) that brought you to us. Your Chiropractor will go through your intake forms in detail when you arrive. A physical examination will immediately follow to determine more specifically what the cause(s) of the problem(s) are. The findings of this examination will then be discussed with you and recommendations for a care plan suggested and/or X-rays requested for you if your condition is appropriate for Chiropractic management. All going well, you will start your Chiropractic care on your first visit. On rare occasions, X-ray examination may be required prior to commencement of care.

Your second visit is a half hour appointment where our Chiropractors will take a closer look at the arches in your feet. A digital foot scanner will be used to map the bottom of your feet to determine if custom orthotics may be required. Variances in the arches in your feet may be contributing to what brought you to see us in the first place. This is evaluated on this second visit. Your Chiropractic care will then continue immediately after this assessment.

Your third and subsequent visits will be booked for 15 minutes each. During this time you will continue with your care plan as suggested on your first visit. As your condition changes, so will the recommendations for frequency and duration of your Chiropractic care. You will be directed to complete questionnaires so that we may monitor your progress and tailor your schedule accordingly as you progress with your care.

Initial consultation and care: $95 ($78 concession)

Subsequent consultation: $58 ($45 concession)

X-rays: Bulk Billed

HICAPS on site. Return to Work, DVA, Chronic Disease Management (CDM) approved.

Remedial Massage Therapy

We currently have two remedial massage therapists available Monday to Friday, 8am – 12pm, and 2pm – 6pm. And Saturday 9am – 12pm. On your first appointment some extra time will be required to complete some paperwork prior to your first massage. This is to determine if in fact your condition can be suitably managed with remedial massage therapy. We have half hour, one hour and 90 minute appointments available.

½ hour appointment: $55
1 hour appointment: $65
1½ hour appointment: $110
HICAPS on site. Return to Work, DVA approved.


Before your initial consultation, a welcome pack will be given to you at the clinic with a description of your health journey and what to expect. You will fill out a health history, your short and long term goals, consent forms and any other relevant information which will be discussed in detail during your first consultation. Please bring in any recent blood tests to assist our treatment. During your first Naturopathic consultation a detailed health history will be taken, your initial questions will be answered and other testing may be recommended. Various testings are used to provide important information about you and your health, so that a more personalised and goal oriented treatment plan can be created. This initial consultation usually takes around one hour and by the end of your consultation supplements/herbal tinctures/further testings and diet and lifestyle alterations will most likely be recommended.

After the initial consultation is completed, you will be required to visit the clinic again for a follow up consultation. This consultation will typically last for thirty minutes and is necessary for us to monitor the change in your health and to assist you with your ongoing wellness. Any testings that were made after the first consultation will be discussed in this follow up appointment.

The number of follow-up consultations and time between each consult required will vary according to the individual’s health goals and status. We will be sure to discuss this with you in detail during your sessions. No two people are the same and we make sure your treatment is tailored specifically for you. Each person’s healing journey will take a different amount of time depending on many factors, health status and compliance.

Special interest in:

·        Naturopathic nutrition
·        Western herbal medicine
·        Iridology
·        Hair testing for heavy metals and food allergies
·        Bush flower essences
·        Detoxification programs
·        Mood and stress management
·        Gut and digestive health
·        Fibromyalgia
·        Zinc and iodine profiling
·        Metagenics practitioner

Read more: http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/connect/nickygonisnaturopath/service/43710#ixzz487BIAJPj

Initial consultation:                              $99*
Intial consultation with testing:             $120
Subsequent consultation:                    $66*
Subsequent consultation with testing:  $90
Pathology services:                            POA

*Herbal preparations, Metagenics products and pathology testing not included.

Speech Pathology

Good Prospects Speech Pathology consult from our rooms here in Gawler. For information on Speech Pathology, including contact and appointment details, please follow the link below.


Social Work/Counselling

Nunyara Social Work consults form our rooms here in Gawler. For more information on available services, including contact and appointment details, please follow the link below.